Why Your Old CRM is Obsolete



Marketing evolves daily because the customers are becoming savvier.


Unless you keep up with the new trends, marketing strategies and techniques, you will be left in the dust.


Back in the day, the only purpose of a CRM was to store the customer information, hence the name "Customer relationship management".


Nowadays, as most of the sales are going online, there is a range of things you can and should do to get your CRM up to speed.


Let's dive right in:



I still come across clients doing a lot of the work manually.

Receiving leads via emails or spreadsheets and adding them into the CRM manually, so they can start their marketing outreach.

Automations allow you to free up your time, get the guesswork out of the picture and get your business ready to receive a higher influx of leads, as they will be correctly managed by automations. Here some examples of what can be automated:

  • Email Sequences
  • Onboarding
  • Referrals
  • Testimonials
  • Follow-Up Sequences
  • Upsells


Multiple Touch Points

A single touchpoint is no longer enough to convert leads. You need to reach out them from all angles. An automated CRM will allow you to automatically contact your leads via Email, Custom Facebook Audience (ads), SMS, MMS and Ringless Voicemail.


Customer Journey

The more pleasing and fun it is for a customer to deal with your brand and marketing efforts, the more they will be inclined to hear from you.

Having a well-defined patch for them to follow is the key to providing them with an outstanding experience from the get-go.


Follow Up Sequences

Very often leads are busy and they don't take action. So it's important to remind them what is the next step, sometimes you need to educate and give before you can ask them to take action.


The follow-up sequences do exactly that. Allow you to build a system that is personalized to each and every one of your leads. Follow them up via Email, Custom Facebook Audience (ads), SMS, MMS and Ringless Voicemail and get them to take action.



Not many people know that, but a big bulk of sales happen in the backend. By having a well-thought value ladder combined with great copy and powerful automations, upselling becomes an action that happens on autopilot, without much effort.



Marketing is about tracking and optimizing. Having a CRM that can track your email open rate, goals for each automation and sales on autopilot is crucial.



Tracking is nothing without reports. You need to be able to understand concisely what is happening inside of your CRM.



A great marketing campaign requires the use of multiple platforms and software. Allowing them to integrate back to your CRM is essential as you can use this information to track your progress, trigger automations, personalize your message and even segment your audience when needed.



Without a CRM that will allow you to manage your leads correctly and most importantly automatically, you will be leaving money on the table while not providing the best experience possible to your leads and customers.


Client acquisition is a science and a using the correct CRM to the job is a great way to make this science work on your favour.


For my clients, this CRM that brings magic and allow sales to happen on auto-pilot is ActiveCampaign.


What CRM are you using at the moment? Is it managing or mismanaging your leads?


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Take care,