3 Common Mistakes Coaches Make with Email Marketing

| March 25

Common Mistakes
  • Not building an email list
  • Not personalizing your emails
  • Sending too many sales pitches


See the actionable steps below:


Step #1: Not building an email list If you don't have a list of people to send emails to, you won't be able to use email marketing to grow your business. Make sure you have a way for people to sign up for your list, such as a form on your website or social media.


Step #2: Not personalizing your emails When you send generic emails to your entire list, your subscribers may not feel like the message is meant for them. Use your subscribers' names and segment your list based on their interests to create more personalized emails.


Step #3: Sending too many sales pitches While it's important to promote your services, bombarding your subscribers with too many sales pitches can turn them off. Make sure you're providing value in your emails, such as tips and advice, in addition to promoting your services.


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