Abandoned Cart in 5 steps CF and AC



Abandoned Cart in 5 steps

Clickfunnels <-> Active Campaign + Email Sequence


With this automation, you will be able to create an Abandoned Cart for your funnel while you send the emails from Active Campaign.


"The percentage of abandoned carts ranges anywhere from 50% to 80%"


Due to limitations in the integration between Clickfunnels and Active Campaign, you MUST have the following funnel structure in order for this automation to work:

  • Opt-In funnel
  • Two step order form

Without any further ado:


#1 You will need x2 Lists

  • Contact List
  • Buyer List

#2 Clickfunnels Setup

  • Integrate Active Campaign and Clickfunnels
  • Configure the Opt-In to send the contacts to the "Contact List"
  • Configure the Order Form to send the contacts to the "Buyer List"

#3 Payment Gateway Setup

  • Create a TAG upon purchase = PURCHASED

#4 Create the Abandoned Cart Automation on Active Campaign

  • Trigger: Subscribes to "Contact List"
  • Wait 1 Hour
  • IF contact is in list "Buyer List"
  • YES: Add TAG BUYER, Unsubscribe from Contact, End Automation
  • NO: Send Abandoned Cart Email Sequence, Create a GOAL (IF TAG PURCHASED then finish automation), End Automation
  • Set automation to active

#5 Abandoned Cart Email Sequence

Email #1: Reminder⁣

Email #2: 10% OFF coupon + scarcity + FOMO

Email #3: Reminder

Email #4: Testimonial or Review

Email #5: Final Reminder

Email #6: Ask for feedback so you can improve!


Let me know how you go!