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"Unlocking Success: Transforming Credit Profiles with ADR Financial Group"



ADR financial group is a company dedicated to assisting clients with the removal of inaccurate, erroneous, and unverifiable accounts on their credit reports. Not only are they committed to delivering a clean credit profile but they also EDUCATE all their clients to achieve their highest score after restoration.


The results:


223 prospects have been booked since we started working together because we have consistently maintained a 25% average open rate. 


The process:


-Strategy Map

-Engagement Tracking

-Verifying Email Domain

-Calendar Integration

-Sales Force Integration

-ROI Data Extraction

-Survey Sequence

-Abandoned Email Cart Sequence

-Follow Up Email Sequence

-Reminder Sequence

-Inactive Users Email Sequence


Engage Your Prospects And Build An Army Of Loyal Customers

Automate your systems, engage your prospects and create a constant flood of sales