Drive ROI through Email Marketing!



How to get the most of your list!


Hopefully, you managed to watch Russell's training "List Building Secrets". If you haven't watched, be sure to go check it out! It's freaking EPIC!

Today I will be showing you how you can increase your profits by leveraging email marketing:


:: Automation


Nowadays we have customers looking for a more personalized experience and solopreneurs trying to find more hours in the day to get stuff done.


Automation was created to solve the problems mentioned above. It works well on repetitive tasks and it can be programmed to deliver highly personalized emails.


The reason why it drives amazing return of investment is that it is able to run a series of commands on autopilot. It requires minimum maintenance and it is extremely affordable those days.


Few examples of ROI:


Abandoned Cart: Monitors customers that didn't conclude their purchase and automatically chase them up. Most of the sales nowadays come from abandoned cart follow ups.


Rewards - discount coupons: By automatically identifying the customers that are purchasing more, you can reward the behaviour and get them discount coupons so they continue to purchase your products.


:: Email Sequences


If you have cold leads arriving at your opt-in page, the easiest and most effective way to sell them your products or services is my getting them to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.


By using emails sequences, you can easily increase your sales by showing the customers who you are, what you do and why the solution will be working for them by showing testimonials and handling objections before they even buy from you.


Few examples of ROI:


Onboarding Email Sequence: As mentioned above, this is the first series of emails the client will get as soon as they are added to your list. The strategy is to get them comfortable with the brand, so they can buy the products or services when they arrive at the sales page.


Upsell: You can and should upsell via email, it gives the customers another opportunity to purchase from your brand, after they acquired the first offer.


Follow Up: Sometimes the customers are not ready to purchase, by running a follow up email sequence, you can get them back on track and increase your profits.


Educate: Sometimes the customers don't know how to use your product properly, but educating them, you will be able to ensure they get the most of it.


Referrals: Combining automation and emails, you can introduce a referral program to bring further sales.


Feedback and Improvements: Ask your customers for feedback so you can continue to improve and provide them with the best service possible.


:: CRM


If you have a CRM, you can integrate it with an autoresponder and use the data to segment your list and send them personalized emails.


Few examples of ROI:


Data, Integration, Personalization: By leveraging a CRM, you can have automations in place to send personalized emails and follow up where the customers are in their journey.


Tracking: If you can track, you can repeat the results. By tracking where leads are coming from, you can see what works and what doesn't and invest on advertising to drive more traffic to the blogs, funnels that are bringing qualified leads that will increase your profits.


:: Advertising


Facebook Advertising brings huge profits to online businesses.


Few examples of ROI:


Custom Audience: Advertize to your list to increase sales and brand awareness by uploading your list to Facebook.


Lookalike Audience: Find other customers just like the ones in your list, by uploading your list to Facebook. The list will be matched with Facebook users and then compared to other users with similar interests and demographics.


Take care!!