The Power of Email Segmentation: How to Target Your Campaigns for Maximum Impact

| Feb 9


The untold secret to successful email marketing is ensuring that your messages land in the recipient's inbox, rather than being filtered as spam.

There are a lot of reasons why your emails might be landing in the spam folder, here are some of them:


  • Poor sender reputation
  • Lacking email authentication
  • Triggering spam filters with certain words or images
  • Poor list management
  • Inconsistent sending patterns


This has been talked about over and over again… and you probably heard it all before.


Now, the REAL reason most people have issues with emails not making it to the inbox is simple.


In fact, there are two reasons as they are directly linked to each other:


#1 Lack of engagement = NO Strategy / Customer Journey


Lack of engagement is usually the root cause of emails landing in spam. A well-defined email strategy that leads the customer to flow through a customer journey gets them to receive the right email at the right time.


#2 Continue to send emails = amplifying the low engagement issue


The spam filters were created to cut through the noise and ensure only the legitimate emails are delivered.


Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft and many others use complex algorithms to understand what is and isn’t spam.


That said, they rely heavily on signals provided by their customers.


Every time a recipient opens an email, click on a link or reply, they are sending POSITIVE signals (engagement).


On the other hand, if the emails are not opened, marked as spam or simply deleted (unopened), NEGATIVE signals are sent communicating lack of engagement.


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