Getting emails to work even when people don't open them…



Email Open Rates Are Low? Here's a HACK to fix it!

... it works even if they unsubscribe from your list! 😆

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ROI, Email Marketing and Automation.

Email Marketing is efficient and still drives high ROI, however, if the email open rate is low, you have a BIG problem.


I wrote a few other posts talking about what you can do to increase your open rates... today I will reveal something new.


This is one of the strategies that PRO marketers use to increase the sales for their clients.


You can use this hack if you have a list of emails and if this list is not engaging much with your emails.


Let's be honest, sometimes people refuse to check their emails. But with this hack, they can't refuse to notice your business and offer!


Imagine if you could precisely target WHO sees your "message" and most importantly, it's ALL automated -running 24/7 for you while you sleep.


You can target based on:

  • Visits to your website
  • Contact with your sales team
  • Industry
  • Job function
  • Organization type
  • Personal interests
  • Quiz results
  • People who open your emails
  • People who click in your emails
  • Date subscribed
  • Geographic location
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Products purchased
  • Products purchased Time since last purchase


Let's put your list of emails to work, by leveraging one of the biggest advertising platforms in the world, Facebook!


Get in front of your audience where they are!


Have you heard about Facebook Custom Audience?


‘Audience’ is the term Facebook uses for a group of people you can target with your advertising.


By using the Active Campaign integration with Facebook, you can segment your list and automate what contacts you want to be sent to a Custom Audience.


Here are a few real-life examples:

  • Contact that didn't open the email: Show them an Ad on Facebook reminding them to check their mailbox
  • Contacts that visited a particular product in your website: Show them Ads on Facebook about that particular product
  • After a quiz, you identified different segments of your list that are interested in different products you have to offer: Automate each one of those segments on Active Campaign to receive targeted ads on the products they are interested in


How to set it up:


1- Create a custom audience on Facebook

2- Configure the Facebook Custom Audience integration on Active Campaign

2- Create an automation on Active Campain that will add contacts to a particular custom audience


You can even use the Custom Audience to EXCLUDE the contacts from your list from getting ads about products they already purchased.


As you can see, this is SUPER powerful and it's actually pretty easy to do.


Have you used an email list before to reach out to a custom audience on Facebook?