Keeping Your Email List Clean To Avoid Bounces and Spam Complaints

| March 24

Spam Complaints

Here are ways to keep you email list clean and avoid bounce and spam complaints:

  • Regularly remove inactive subscribers
  • Use double opt-in to ensure that subscribers are interested in your content
  • Monitor bounce rates and remove invalid email addresses
  • Segment your list based on engagement levels
  • Avoid purchasing email lists
  • Honour unsubscribe requests promptly


See the actionable steps below:


Step 1: Regularly remove inactive subscribers

  • Review engagement metrics
  • Set a time frame for inactivity (e.g., 6 months)
  • Unsubscribe inactive users

Step 2: Implement a double opt-in process

  • Send a confirmation email after sign-up
  • Require new subscribers to click a confirmation link
  • Ensure genuine interest in your content

Step 3: Correct and remove faulty email addresses

  • Check for typos and formatting errors
  • Correct errors when possible
  • Remove unfixable email addresses

Step 4: Monitor spam complaints and remove offenders

  • Track spam reports
  • Investigate the cause of complaints
  • Unsubscribe users who generate spam reports

Step 5: Utilize email verification tools

  • Verify email addresses upon sign-up
  • Periodically check existing email addresses
  • Remove invalid email addresses

Step 6: Organize and segment your email list

  • Categorize subscribers by interest, demographics, or behavior
  • Tailor content to each segment
  • Increase relevance and engagement

Step 7: Launch re-engagement campaigns

  • Identify subscribers with low engagement
  • Send targeted emails to re-engage them
  • Offer incentives or highlight new content
  • Unsubscribe users who remain unresponsive
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