Let's talk about SEXy Lead Management For Once!



The way you manage your leads will directly affect your sales, period!


Lead management for many is something like this:


  • Someone is interested
  • You may or may not have a meeting with them
  • You may or may not get their email
  • There is a big chance you won't follow them up
  • You lost a sale!


It's unsexy, it's manual, takes time and you don't see progress.


Now.. Did you know that depending on the product/service you offer, your leads might not be ready to buy from straight away?


It doesn't mean they DON'T want to buy it from you, or they WON'T buy it from you. It just means they are not ready YET.


Here's what you can do to increase your sales:


  • Have an email sequence to introduce yourself, and bridge the GAP between the opt-in and sales page
  • Use a CRM to manage your leads
  • Automate your follow up drips (SMS, MMS, Voice Message, Email, Facebook Custom Audience etc)
  • Automate a new offer to be sent to them
  • Send a newsletter to your educate your audience
  • CALL them up if they don't take action and find out WHY they are still on the fence
  • Improve all the above, rinse and repeat


By automating the process and using a CRM to manage your leads, there is no guessing work.


You have a defined strategy, a set of follow up drips, offers that you can test and refine with time.


If you are not managing your leads, you are wasting money.


Mismanagement of leads cost trillions to businesses around the world.


Build momentum and take advantage of this weakness and transform it into a strength for your business.


I personally use ActiveCampaign for all my clients. It's super powerful and it has a CRM built-in. Meaning you can have pipelines, stages and automations that will be triggered as per custom configuration. it's easy to operate and you can track emails, visits to your funnels etc.


Are you managing or mismanaging your leads?