Leveraging Cold Email To Get Quality Leads

| Dec 15

Leveraging Cold Email To Get Quality Leads (1)

Cold email is the cheapest way to get qualified leads on tap!


This is what happens when you get an email marketing specialist with a strong foundation in email deliverability to tackle cold email outreach -> "Results"


44% Open rate on Cold Email Campaigns and a 5% Reply Rate


How to do cold email correctly:


-Use a completely separate set of domains for your cold email outreach

-Set up SPF / DKIM / DMARC for the new domains

-Test and optimize the subject line and content

-Track Domain/IP Reputation and Spam Rate

-Track engagement-Allow contacts to unsubscribe

-Once prospects are interested in what you have, then send them to your website/funnel so they can enter your list. Once THEY join your list, you can send them emails from your domain and you won't need to treat them as a cold lead anymore.


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