Email Technology: BIMI




It stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification.


BIMI is an email specification that gives better branding and deliverability. It was published in February 2019.


Google has backed up the technology, CNN has already configured it on their end and lots of Companies have been setting it up for their marketing.


It's FREE to implement it, but there are some requirements that I will go through in a sec.


First, the benefits:


  • Good deliverability

The email must pass DMARC authentication checks, ensuring that the organization’s domain has not been impersonated.


  • Brand Awareness

It brings the brand logos to the customer’s inbox


  • Another Layer of Security

BIMI leverages the work an organization has put into deploying DMARC protection


Requirements to have BIMI:


  • The sender’s domain needs to be DMARC-authenticated, with either ‘reject’ or ‘quarantine’ policy set up
  • The domain’s owner needs to obtain the right certification - optional at the moment
  • A good sending history needs to be built


How to set it up:


Step 1: Set SPF, DKIM, DMARC

Step 2: Set “p=reject” or “p=quarantine” DMARC policy

Step 3: Create and host your brand’s logo file (SVG)

Step 4: Get a Verified Mark Certificate for your BIMI assertion TXT record - optional at the moment

Step 5: Create and publish the BIMI record (DNS)


Have some questions or need help for your BIMI setup?


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