Troubleshooting Email Open Rates

| June 2


It is not unusual for businesses to use digital technology when looking for leads in today's time. In fact, most types of businesses use it! And one of the things that these business people check for the possible success of reaching more leads is what they call the EMAIL OPEN RATE.


Email open rate is the percentage of people who received an email and opened it. It helps one track how many of your email recipients opened the email.


But what if your email open rate continues to decrease despite your countless efforts in sending emails?! Well, it means no one wants to read the email you sent! The email you've been working for nights or days is left hanging on the unread tab of a possible prospect! It doesn't sound good right?


So the BIG question is, how are we going to STOP that from happening?


Here are some simple strategies you can apply:


  • Keep your subject lines interesting
  • Use real names of people or your business on the 'from fields'
  • Find the best time to send emails by checking your reports
  • Avoid using too many spam words - I posted a list sometime ago
  • Learn more about your lists and send them engaging content
  • Review your sign-up process
  • Make sure your deliverability is on point - check my deliverability post


With these simple strategies, you can keep your emails interesting and keep those leads coming!


Continue to monitor and check your open rate to see how things are going.