Webinar - How To Increase Sales


Webinar - How To Increase Sales

One of the most profitable ways to acquire clients is by using a Webinar.

Webinars are great because you can communicate your message, agitate the problem and show them a solution (aka your offer), but it’s also an amazing platform to connect with your audience and engage with them.


The issue with webinars is that sometimes people don’t attend them or they don’t stay until the end to see your pitch where you talk about your offer.


If you are paying to ads and people aren’t attending your webinars after the registration, something is wrong. That said, only a small percentage will actually attend your webinar, so it’s important to follow up with the others that didn’t get to see the amazing value you have to offer to them.


Email marketing is the BEST solution and you can automate the entire process.


By using a platform like Webinar Jam or Webinar Fuel, you will be able to integrate the webinar platform into your email marketing platform.


Once you integrate both platforms (Webinar x Email Marketing), you should have a few emails that will talk directly to each one of your leads depending on what they are doing.


You can set up “Triggers” inside of the webinar platform, so the emails can be sent by using the integration you configured.


Email Examples:


- Registered to the webinar: Say thanks and provide the details for the webinar along with their unique link for the audience to log in


- Missed Webinar: Send them a replay of the webinar or provide them with the information they missed out, by not attending


- Attended but didn’t stay: Challenge them about leaving early and get them to think if this was the right more, then provide them with a link to watch the replay


- Attended by didn’t see the pitch: If the audience didn’t see the pitch, it means they didn’t see the offer, so tell them more about the offer and communicate how this is important to them, show testimonials and share a link for them to go buy it


- Purchased a product: Once they purchase a product (or a service), thank them and welcome them to the next steps


- Attended Replay: Once they attend the replay, follow up and see if they need any help, they might have some questions or they might be ready to buy, so make sure you add some info about your product and send them a link where they can go to buy it


All the emails you see above should be automated, the leads will get those emails immediately and everything gets tracked.


You can then add follow-ups, educate the clients on why they should buy from you, provide them with more testimonials and so on until they purchase from you.


Once they do purchase from you, you can have surveys to find out what could be improved and you can even use the results to ask them for a testimonial (depending on the scores they gave you) OR craft your next offer (upsell).