5 Steps to Better Email Open Rates

| November 04

email marketing concept, person reading e-mail on smartphone, receive new message

This is a quick hack to get the numbers up in days, not months!



Setup up Google Postmaster so you can see how your email deliverability is NOW. It will show you spam rate (should be always below 0.1%), IP reputation among many other things.



Set up your DKIM and SPF, if you are not a tech person, talk to your email provider and they should be able to help you with it. Only enable DMARC if you absolutely know what you are doing, else it will bring more issues and solutions to your current situation



Track engagement with dynamic tags. Set up an automation to track what contacts are engaging with your emails. For my clients, I track purchases, email opens, email clicks, replies and visits to funnels and websites as an engagement



ONLY send emails to the contacts that are engaged in the past 30 days. This will allow your open rates to go up and ensure your emails are being delivered



Send a re-engagement campaign to all other leads that haven't been engaging in the past 30 days and provide them with some offer, something they would be super excited to have. This could be a PDF, a video teaching them something or even an offer with some ridiculous discounts. The idea here is to get them to engage again, so you can continue to email them.