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Prevent Emails From Going To Spam, Skyrocket Your Open Rates Using Automations To Advertise On Facebook, Increase Your Conversions By Tracking Engagement, Save Money By Cleaning Your List… And So Much More! 

Unleash the full potential of ActiveCampaign

  • The blueprint configuration to ensure email deliverability

  • Save MONEY and increase your ROI with my expert recommendations 

  • Step by step instructional Videos and PDF Plug n' Play 

Take advantage of the launch special offer and get the x5 FREE BONUSES

The activecampaign inception Training in details:

active campaign cert
Each Section Has Step by Step Instructional Videos and PDF Plug n' Play
  • Introduction

  • ​Address and Time Zone Configuration

  • ​Engagement Automation 

  • ​Personalization

  • ​DNS and Deliverability

  • ​Site Tracking

  • ​Avoid Sending Simultaneous Emails

  • Customer Facebook Audiences

  • ​Unsubscribe Hack


  • Creating a New Account

  • Webinar Automation

  • ​Quick Tour

  • ​250+ Automations

  • ​Tips to Maximize ROI

All lessons are video-based and below 15 minutes to help you progress fast & with ease.

Why the active campaign inception training is ESSENTIAL for YOU

Why the active campaign inception training is 

If you are just getting started with ActiveCampaign, this training is A MUST. 

My name is Luis Xavier and my agency is an ActiveCampaign partner.
Goes without saying that we are huge fans of the platform, unfortunately, out of the box, you don't get to unleash the full potential of ActiveCampaign.

My team and I have implemented many projects for a lot of different industries over the years. Our experience combined with our technical expertise in email marketing and automation has allowed us to use the versatility of ActiveCampaign to solve complex challenges found in some of our projects.

Facing some of those challenges made me come across a few key features that haven’t been revealed to the general public in online tutorials.  
One of the most frustrating things people go through when they start using any auto-responder is spending long hours compelling personalized messages to their clients, just to find out the emails they sent were delivered straight to the spam folder, meaning it’s likely that almost no one will read them. 
I understand it can get complex and overwhelming to use a new platform and that's why some users usually neglect advanced features. However, playing "safe", means the competition is always ahead. So even the beginners need to step up and maximize their marketing efforts to increase their outreach and be more assertive, so leads can take action. 
That’s why I created this training! I want to enable your business to gain an unfair advantage over your competitionUltimately, I wanted to offer a super easy “do it yourself” training that no previous experience is required, with a ridiculously affordable price.
Active Campaign enables you to have full control and visibility of what’s happening at any given time, making it possible to review strategies, check what is working, what needs to be improved and so on. With this training, it will become clear for you how this can be done, among many other tips that I share to help you to finally, save money, time and have control over your marketing efforts!  

Here's a sneak peek at what will be covered in the Activecampaign INCEPTION Training 

Here's a sneak peak at what will be covered in the Activecampaign INCEPTION Training








An Honest Review from Josh Schonert 

Schonert Marketing Director

Meet your Digital Marketing Specialist

Hey there, I'm Luis Xavier

My background is in Information Technology. I looked after big corporations and was the Team Leader and System Engineer in charge of project implementation and continuous support and improvement.
By leveraging automation I managed to increase the efficiency of the services delivered. 
Marketing and sales always got my attention and I seemed to study the subject quite a lot.
I had a deep desire to help others and assist them with what I am passionate about, automation and digital marketing. I knew that was my legacy. This sparked my interest to move careers and leave behind 15 years of experience in IT as an employee.
In 2015 I started my own business, where I was helping small businesses owners to explain their services in an engaging way using video animation.
I learned, tested and developed strategies that assisted my clients with sales automation and lead acquisition. Uniting my passion for technology and marketing, I started to assist course creators and online business owners to amplify their outreach through email marketing and automation.
I’m continually working towards solutions that bring results with extremely high ROI.
I’m looking forward to sharing my secrets with you, so you can accomplish the same results.
Looking forward to seeing what you can achieve!

Get Instant access to 
the active campaign inception training

Get Instant access to 
the active campaign inception training

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