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AP College increased 9% of their booked meetings after implementation


AP College is an Australian-based education provider that offers various nationally recognized courses and qualifications across different industries. The college aims to provide its students with practical skills and knowledge that are in-demand in the current job market. AP College offers a range of flexible study options, including online, face-to-face, and blended learning, to suit the individual needs and preferences of its students. The courses offered by AP College are designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue their career goals and advance in their chosen fields.

The Results

The project met its primary objective of boosting AP College's bookings, with a significant increase of 9% observed during the implementation of the nurture email sequence templates. The team's efforts resulted in an average open rate of 48.58% and a 2.08% click-through rate (CTR) for the templates, indicating a high level of engagement from the target audience.

The Process

SS automated the following:

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Developed a nurturing strategy to increase bookings

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Implemented automation to support the increased booking strategy

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Tracked engagement to improve the strategy over time

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Created a re-engagement strategy to improve conversions

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Developed pre and post-interview strategies to engage with potential customers

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Created a process map to capture the complex persona-based journey of potential customers

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Implemented hundreds of complex automation structures to support the persona-based journey strategy

"The numbers are already moving, we're seeing clicks moving through and more bookings... after a month of implementation "

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