Deliver Logic

Automated responses to hundreds of thousands of clients


Deliver Logic is a restaurant delivery service industry that helps clients boost profits by maximizing last-mile delivery efficiencies in online ordering, marketing, delivery, and customer support. They are currently handling 150 clients in the US nationwide and valued at $5 Million.

The Results

With Sales Studios, the business was able to automate its responses to hundreds of thousands of clients. We were able to help the company make their template that would be used for many other clients and also stabilize their backend system with the help of Luis' knowledge and expertise. Within two months, the team helped their dropshipping business and mentoring program scale-up through organising an email marketing strategy that best matches their business needs. The changes are also evident through the increase of leads and revenue the business achieved after partnering with us.

The Process

SS automated the following:

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Setting up at 3 ActiveCampaign accounts

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Labeling contacts depending on the action taken

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Engagement automation and reporting

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Automating email coupons

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Split testing vouchers

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Tagging and tracking customer’s food preferences

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Retention Email Strategy

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Birthday and holiday giveaway emails

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Customer re engagement

"We needed help and guidance...they understand the ins and outs of Active Campaign"

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