Automated Webinar Emails that Sell

| October 08


Most of my clients use third party webinar platforms like WebinarJam or WebinarFuel, because they provide refined data in real-time, like:


  • Contacts that didn’t attend the webinar
  • Contacts that left early
  • Contacts that attended but didn’t see the offer
  • Contacts that purchased
  • Contacts that stayed until the end but didn’t purchase


All this information is available in real-time, meaning, at the end of the webinar, we can send automated emails to the contacts.


Email marketing is about engagement. Engagement is about providing personalised content that a contact wants to consume.



Here’s how it works:


Each contact will receive a tag from the webinar platform once the webinar is finished. The tag will match with the list I mentioned above.


Once the contact receives a tag, it will trigger an automation that will have segmented and personalised content for each one of those contacts.




- Contacts that didn't attend the webinar


You have a chance to either send them the replay or invite them to attend the next one.


Filling them in with a shorter version of what they missed out, is also a great way to get them up to speed.


You can continue with some other emails where you can educate them about your service/product and take them to a sales page.


- Contacts that left early


This is similar to the example above. You can fill them in on what they missed out on and then take them to the sales page where you have your offer.


- Contacts that attended but didn't see the offer


Those are contacts that attended but left before the pitch. You can thank them for attending and describe the offer in detail and take them to the sales page.


- Contacts that purchased


You can send an email thanking them for their purchase and send them the details of the purchase.


- Contacts that stayed until the end but didn't purchase


Those are the contacts that saw the offer but didn’t buy. There could be a few different reasons why they didn’t buy, it’s a great idea to have an email sequence addressing each one of their objections then take them to the sales page.



As you can see, once you personalize the content, it’s pure magic, because you can take each contact through their own journey.


Although you can run the emails directly from the webinar platforms mentioned, it’s not ideal, because you can’t control the email deliverability. Also, you might have other integrations and follow up emails that you would like to send depending on the contact’s behaviour (if they visited the sales page or not if they opened the email and so on). For this reason, it’s a good idea to have all the information centralised in a single email platform. For my clients, this platform is ActiveCampaign.


You can use this setup for both live or evergreen webinars.