Better Marketing Decisions with Lead Scoring

| April 11


Lead Scoring is a practical and effective feature in ActiveCampaign that helps businesses to keep track and assign a scoring system to contacts based on their actions. 


Whether it's where they're in a sales funnel or if it's what type of interactions they had with a business, It is a way to predict what type of customers will be more valuable, by determining how likely a prospect is to engage, convert, or make a purchase.


This is extremely powerful because you can segment the leads and send the right message to each one of them, depending on their score. 


You can, for example, use the new 1-1 email feature that has been recently released, where you can use automation to send a private email to reach out to a hot lead.


And here are some other strategies that can be optimised through lead scoring:


  • Learning at a glance. The scoring system will quickly determine which contacts should be approached straight away and which ones need to be nurtured a little more.


  • Identify contacts' interests. By segmenting the leads, it will be easy to tell what interests them, so you can double down on it and improve the Call To Action and campaigns that aren’t performing well.


  • Know conversion before they happen. Configure notifications that will be sent out instantly as soon as a conversion happen.


  • Build tailored campaigns. Create tailored campaigns around what's most effective for your contacts at that time.