Build a Lead Management Machine



I'm often not too surprised to learn businesses are using a spreadsheet for lead management.


As crazy as it sounds, it's actually better than nothing!


Today, I will share with you a little bit of WHAT you can achieve by leveraging a CRM for your lead management.


My top tips for you to automate your CRM using ActiveCampaign:


  • Use a Welcome Email Sequence to reach out to new leads. A quick way to get them to know, like and trust you before you sell them anything


  • With better lead management comes efficiency, which is a key point for you to scale


  • By boosting performance you will be able to sell more, increasing your revenue


  • The ability of tracking where each one of your leads come from, will dramatically assist you to identify with accuracy, which campaigns are working, so you can invest on generating more traffic to those funnels, blogs and promotions that are converting


  • Personalized Email Marketing along with powerful automation, will collect referrals and nurture your current clients, increasing your revenue exponentially


  • Lead management will be a BIG part of your marketing outreach. It will allow you to know more about your customers, in a single location. You will be able to track the pages, funnels and blogs they visited (within your business), all the emails they received, opened and links they clicked, along with all the information you will be adding to the CRM yourself - custom fields, calendar appointments, purchases and much more.


  • Through surveys, you will be able to learn more about the customers, collect testimonials and improve the quality of services.


  • By integrating a dashboard with ActiveCampaign you will be able to see live, what's happening with each one of your sales and customers, keeping everyone updated on the journey. More profits and inproved customer experience!


  • Leverage SMS to remind customers about orders and send them updates or even better, send MMS to welcome new clients via a video message. The possibilities are endless!


  • Track your payments live as you get paid online. Avoid mismanagement of money, time and leads.


  • Continue to refine and optimize your message and processes


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