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CallDirect Solutions’ is a business that provides systematization, automation, consulting, cold calling and lead generating services.  The company’s goal is to become the best strategic partner in the automation of every business, giving their clients time to focus on the big picture and allowing them to have the freedom needed as the leader of their organization.


The process:


-Strategy Map

-Re-engagement Campaign

-Appointment and contacts Automation

-Educational Sequence

-Lost Deal(winback) Email Sequence 

-Welcome Campaign of new clients for higher retention 

-Follow up on non sign ups

-Value Emails for non sign ups

-Implement Images that convert (Pisnippet)

-Didn’t show up on schedule email sequence

-Book a meeting follow up

-SMS integration with JustCall

Mindroom (Pedro)

Engage Your Prospects And Build An Army Of Loyal Customers

Automate your systems, engage your prospects and create a constant flood of sales