Ecomm Sharks

Average open rate increased up to 57.01%


Ecomm Sharks is a company of course creators specialized in e-commerce and digital marketing. The company was killing it with ads, but they never sent a single email to their leads before.

The Results

Sales studios helped them increase their meeting show-up rate by fixing their entire email marketing from the ground up. That includes SMS, emails, automations and integration, in addition to creating and implementing the entire email marketing strategy to get more leads to showing up to the 1-1 calls. Now, their average open rate is 57.01%.

The Process

SS automated the following:

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SMS Marketing

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Re-engagement Strategy

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Follow up for contacts who rescheduled

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Follow up for contacts who did not show up

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Payment Automation

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Scheduling automation

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Thank you emails and integrations for course completion

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Follow up inactive students to resume the courses

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Automating client’s testimonial or feedback

"Implementing this email marketing system has increased our revenue like crazy"

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