Cold Email ≠ Spam

| Dec 21

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While spam emails are unwanted messages sent to several recipients without their permission, cold emails are formal messages made to prospective customers or clients to market a product or service.


Spam emails are distributed to many recipients regardless of their interest in the offering, whereas cold emails are often delivered to a smaller set of carefully chosen recipients.

Knowing the difference between cold emails and spam emails is crucial because the latter can harm the sender's reputation and are typically regarded as unethical.

When sending cold email, you still need to follow a few guidelines:


  • Make sure you target your audience correctly
  • Verify your email list before sending emails
  • Warm up the mailboxs
  • Personalise your emails, so they are super targeted
  • Randomise variants of the content of the email so the emails are always different
  • Always include an unsubscribe link for leads to opt-out
  • Don’t add images or links to the email

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