Conditional Content: A Trick to Double your Email Success

| April 18




Conditional content is a unique ActiveCampaign feature that allows you to send different content to different contacts using a single campaign.


This is incredibly powerful because you can write a single email and have a section of this email targeted to different audiences.


Conditional Content benefits:

  • Increase open rates by improving engagement
  • Drive conversions
  • Build contact relationships through targeted content

Here are some ways that you can utilise conditional content:

  1. Interest-Based Tagging – messaging your contact based on their interest.
  2. Customer Journeys – track your contact's journey that makes sense to your business process.
  3. Language or Locations - display specific image-based or language on the location of your contact.
  4. Different Images – ensure that specific images (i.e., dog based on breed) are integrated into the email copy.
  5. General Announcements - hide or show messages based on the community tags contacts belong in.

You can create conditional blocks that make sense based on what you want to show your contacts in your campaigns based on segmentations that you can leverage from tags, lists, behaviours and much more.