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"Transforming Dropshipping Skills: Sales Studios and Email Marketing Success"




Dropshipping skills is a company that provides opportunities for their clients to build a highly profitable, and semi-automated dropship store. Clients can choose from a ready-made store or joining their coaching program to get great tips and tricks and have their client all covered!


The results


Created the foundation for the company on their email system and also helped with its implementation.The team also helps drive the company to increase their sales by utilizing different channels and even re-engagements. Sales studios helped their business grow by thoroughly setting up their email marketing from the strategy stage to the implementation. While making sure that the client's best interest is also always taken into consideration.


The process


  • Uploading Segment Purchases
  • Ever Webinar automations to CK
  • Spreadsheet creation for conversions
  • Targeted Re-engagements Sequence
  • Monthly Reports
  • Webinar Jam Set-up
  • Implementation of Tag Matrix
  • Offers Email Sequence



Engage Your Prospects And Build An Army Of Loyal Customers

Automate your systems, engage your prospects and create a constant flood of sales