Email Marketing - Course Creators Increase Revenue and Reduce Dropouts

| October 13


Find below the money maker emails I use for my clients:


Email before they become a client:


Webinar Emails


I recently created a post with all the emails that should be implemented for a webinar, it’s called “Automated Webinar Emails That Sell”


Welcome Email Sequence


If you don’t run webinars, this email sequence should have about 5-6 emails.


We go into presenting the business owner, sharing the benefits, successful stories, features and we even handle the objections before sending the customers to the sales page where they can buy the course.


Sales Follow Up using multiple channels


If you are selling anything, you better have a good follow up system.


For our clients, we have a combination of SMS, FB audience, email among other things. The idea is to use a multitude of channels to provide value and put an offer in front of the lead.


As soon the lead purchases and becomes a client, all the ads, emails and SMS selling the course should stop immediately. This gives them a smooth and personalised customer journey that is enjoyable.




Text messages are incredibly powerful and profitable if used correctly.


If too many SMSs are sent out, this can disrupt the customer experience and annoy the leads, so use it carefully.




In order to nurture the customers and have new opportunities for them to take advantage of, continue to send them emails with a combination of Tips, tricks, news, offers and a TON of value.


Emails once they purchase the course:




If your course has a set timeframe, make sure you have emails to advise the customers about the end of the membership, then put an offer in front of them so they can renew it.




Sending the right email to your audience with an upsell that makes sense to their journey is paramount to get the sale across the line.


For our customers, we track their student's engagement and as soon as they finish the course, they get offered the next course or digital product that will help them to level up.


Survey Satisfaction Questionnaire > Testimonial > Referral


We have automated this process, so once a few weeks go by, we send an email asking how happy they are with the course. From there, depending on the answer (Typeform), we send a follow-up email asking for testimonials and a week later we ask them for a referral.


Newsletter: Tips, tricks, news, offers


For customers that didn’t renew or purchased any upsell, we send them a newsletter. This is a different newsletter from the lead’s newsletter. Those people will only see offers that make sense to them, either a course renew or another upsell that will come after the course they recently completed.