Email Marketing Trends for 2021



Email Marketing is difficult, in fact, it is an art on its own. If you are not good at storytelling, exploring curiosity and having a great strategy, it simply won't work!




  • 59% of marketers still see the most ROI from email


  • 61% of customers want brands to provide them with information via email


  • 59% of consumers claim that marketing emails influence their purchase decisions


  • 49% of users say that they want to receive promotional emails from their favourite brands on a weekly basis


Authentication Technology


BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) is getting more and more adoption. CNN and other big brands are now using it.


I will write another post exclusively in BIMI, but in a nutshell, it works side by side with DMARC and it will be able to not only authenticate the domain, but also get your emails to stand out as the brand image will be delivered with the actual email - before the person opens the email. Super cool concept!


Minimalist email design


  • Optimize email load time
  • Deliver a polished brand message
  • Keep a focus on the offer, not the image


User-generated content is an email-stimulated trend


The definition of User-Generated Content (UGC) is any piece of content (text, images, audio, visual, etc) that is created by the (end) user or in some cases the public. Especially the gathering and showing of product reviews and customer feedback is popular in the email marketing channel.


Knowing how, when and why to gather feedback is key.


Hyper-personalized automated campaigns


Having the right content in front of the right contact is key. Automation along with segmentation is the easiest way to get it happening smoothly.


Mobile-first optimization


Most people are using their mobiles nowadays to access their emails on the go. So it's important to make sure they have an amazing experience while reading on a smaller screen.


Social media integration


Customers are on social media daily. Combining email marketing strategies that encourage customers to visit, engage and leave reviews on social media, is a fantastic way to build advocacy.


Video content


A lot more than half of the internet consumes videos daily, it's easy to understand, fast to remember what was inside the video and it combines video, audio and images. By integrating it with a powerful email marketing, you can be sure to get a lot better open rates!




This is the one thing that will never change. Storytelling is still extremely important and it sells super well. People remember stories a lot better than facts!


User-generated content is an email-stimulated trend


Using reviews and posts created by users to generate content has been a powerful trend for some time now. Using the UGC for email nurturing and social proof is a great way to show new customers what the others are talking about!


Email marketing Automation full steam ahead


Nowadays with technology, AI and autoresponders, automation plays a big part in email marketing. It's easy to see where the traffic is coming from, leverage from tagging, segmentation and much more to provide the contacts with a super unique experience.


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