Emails and SMS for a Live Event


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One of my clients is touring around the US with over 10 speakers, teaching the community about creating wealth with Real Estate.


He asked me to create a few emails for him and automate the process.


I thought It would be interesting for some of you to see what sort of emails you could create for a live event.


List of emails and sequences:


- Registration: Used to confirm the registration submission and provide more info about the event like City, Date, Location and Speakers


- Introduce Guests: Share a bit about the guests and what subjects they will be covering


- Value & Nuggets: Share a few tips and tricks that the audience could take advantage of now. Share links to resources: Blogs, Videos, Articles etc.


- Event Reminder: Build hype and remind the guests that the event is coming up


- Post Event emails: Thank you for attending and Share other upcoming events


- Survey: Run a post-event survey to find out what could be improved for the next event



For this particular event, we also added SMS for the reminder and post-event (thank you for attending).


Everything was automated using ActiveCampaign and click funnels.