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"Scaling Success: How Raul Achieved 2 Million Contacts and Skyrocketed Engagement with ActiveCampaign"




Raul, a client of Sales Studios, has experienced significant growth in his business, accumulating a total of 2 million contacts in ActiveCampaign. Seeking to optimize his email marketing efforts, Raul enlisted the assistance of Sales Studios to improve various aspects such as email deliverability, strategy, optimization, integration, and implementation. The collaboration between Raul's team and Sales Studios has been fruitful, resulting in increased engagement and revenue for Raul's business. Sales Studios has been actively involved in supporting Raul and his team throughout their email marketing journey with ActiveCampaign, providing valuable expertise and guidance.




In order to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns, Sales Studios conducted a comprehensive study focused on evaluating the revenue generated through email automation for one of their clients in the year 2022. This study specifically examined the overall revenue derived from email automation, as well as the revenue generated from the client's top campaigns and automations. Raul, the client being studied, represents a significant case for Sales Studios, showcasing the impact and success achieved through their collaboration and the strategies implemented.



Total Revenue from Automation of Emails:

In 2022, Sales Studios' client generated a total revenue of $27,555,053.88 from email automation services provided by the agency.


Total Store Revenue:

The total store revenue for the client in 2022 was $129,169,899.56.


Top Campaigns:

The following were the top campaigns for the client in 2022, along with the revenue generated from each campaign:


  • Week Ending 04.24.2022: $1,783,692.51
  • Week Ending 05.29.2022: $339,419.19
  • Week Ending02.27.2022: $287,319.20
  • Week Ending-03.06.2022: $235,318.55
  • One Off Teaser: $205,204.41


Top Automation:

The following were the top automations for the client in 2022, along with the revenue generated from each automation:


  • Chronos Agency - Optimized - Plain Text - EM1 Your Millionaire Shortcut is inside: $6,058,315.91
  • Email#1 - Your eBook download is ready: $3,191,910.90
  • EBP2.0: Welcome To The ENTRE Blueprint: $2,310,478.55
  • OTO 2 - EM1 - Welcome to ENTRE Nation Elite!: $1,343,164.88
  • SPM/Jeff: Welcome To The Success Path Masterclass: $1,113,377.73



The results of the study indicate that Sales Studios effectively leveraged email marketing to drive significant revenue for its client in 2022. The top campaigns and automations generated substantial revenue, demonstrating the efficacy of the agency's strategies and tactics.






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