Hiring an email marketing agency? Learn what to ask them!

| April 14


It's important to know what to ask when hiring an email marketing agency.

By leveraging the answers to the questions provided here in this article, you will be able to have more confidence talking to them and it will improve your odds of finding one that will suffice your needs.


Here are some important questions to ask when you are shopping for an email marketing agency:


How will you protect my domain and ensure the emails will be delivered to the inbox?


This is a very important question. Email Marketing won't be effective if your emails aren't delivered.

In fact, this is the very foundation of email marketing and should be the first thing to be looked at.

The agency should be monitoring your IP reputation, your domain reputation, have your SPF and DKIM configured and have an engagement tracking in place.


Learn more about email deliverability by watching this video:




Will you provide me with any discounts when using the email marketing platform?


This is a tricky one, most of the time, they will say no, however, if they have a partnership with the platform they might be able to offer you a decent discount.


My agency is a partner of ActiveCampaign, and because of that, I provide a 25% discount per month to my customers. Sometimes I can even offer them one month for free, it depends on how big is their account.


Will you create a customer journey for my leads with a strategy that will bring my business engagement and increased revenue?


In short, in email marketing, engagement equals sales.


If you don't have a well-defined strategy with a solid customer journey built into it, there is a very good chance you won't get much engagement and you will end up having issues with email deliverability and later on sales.


Watch this video on how we do things, so you have a better understanding of what I'm talking about in terms of customer journey and strategy.




Are you a certified consultant?


Being an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant allows me access to the earliest features and training. In addition to that, I have direct access to an Account Manager and priority support, so overall it is a huge benefit for my clients.


If possible, pick an agency with certified consultants, you will have a much better team looking after your business.


How much will I be charged and how often?


Many agencies will charge you an arm and a leg and you might not even see results and ROI. So be careful about paying per hour and signing long term contracts.


We work with custom retainers, our clients pay us monthly and there are no surprises, the price doesn't fluctuate as we only include in the scope what needs to be done to get them results.


I hope this has been informative.


If you are looking for an email marketing agency, definitely hit me up with a message as I can likely get you a pretty good deal along with guaranteed results. Ask me how!