How AppSumo generated 70M dollars in revenue by relying heavily on email marketing

| June 20

Cold email is the cheapest way to get qualified leads on tap!

Many people say email marketing is dead, yet, many businesses are still using emails to make sales in the back end of their funnels.


While advertising costs continue to soar, you can still email your list for free.



AppSumo has generated over 37M dollars in revenue from email marketing and their secret is quite simple: Engagement!


I created a simple 3 Step Process to increase engagement and sales using email marketing:


1- Deliver

2- Open

3- Convert


Ensure emails are delivered to the inbox.

This is the foundation and needs to happen before you get started with email marketing.

  • Spam Check emails before sending them out
  • Set up the Email Authentication correctly: SPF/DKIM/DMARC (DNS Records)
  • Implement Engagement tracking, so you can track who is opening your emails, clicks etc
  • Domain and IP Reputation: Use Google Postmaster to understand how good or bad is your reputation, if it is bad, it needs to be fixed before you can move forward.


Once the foundation has been implemented, it’s crucial to have a strategy, so you are not just randomly sending emails.


The aim of the strategy is to create a fun customer journey for your leads, so they get the right emails at the right time, so they can learn more about you and your products/services, like what you have to offer and trust you enough to be comfortable buying from you.

  • Strategy
  • Lead management
  • Customer Journey
  • Email Sequences
  • Welcome
  • Educational
  • Follow Up
  • Emails
  • SMS
  • Facebook Custom Audience
  • Automated Testimonials and Referrals
  • Automations
  • Integrations


While the conversion will happen mostly in the previous section, it’s important to continue to optimize to make sure the conversions keep on happening.

  • Optimize Email Sequences, Strategy, Automations, and Campaigns
  • Understand Target Audience in order to Optimize all the above
  • Use Survey as a tool to collect important data that can help with decision making

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