How to Acquire Clients on Autopilot!



Ever Wondered How to Acquire Clients on Autopilot?

.. this is how I help my clients!


As marketers, our dream is to be seen everywhere by our customers!


Nowadays with the internet, it's actually quite easy to do it with retargeting, but what if we have even more points of touch with the customers?


What if those points of touch are personalized and automated?


I have been working on personalized campaigns and it's been a lot of fun, bringing great results as we only show customers content they want to see.


We also touch a lot of points during the campaigns, so for the customer, it really looks like we are everywhere.


Because it's all automated, there is no limit to how many times we send them messages and target them - as long as they are happy to receive what we have to offer them.


Usually, it works like this, we collect the lead's details via either a funnel or chatbot and send it to the back of Active Campaign.


From Active Campaign we do the following:



We are a "Deal" that lives inside of a Stage. Depending on the client, we might either have multiple stages and pipelines.


This is very important and it is also the foundation of the entire strategy.


Each stage, pipeline has an objective and as the deal moves along, there are triggers in the backend that will initiate automations to start.



Automation is a set of procedures. Sounds complex, but all it is is a series of commands like, sending an email sequence or moving a deal from one stage to another.


These actions are the engine that gets the strategy moving on autopilot.


To give you an example, if different segments are coming from different funnels, they will get segmented automatically by automation and it will make more sense down the line as we move on to the other stages...


Email Sequence

Usually, when a contact arrives, a deal is created at a particular stage. The creation of the deal will trigger an automation that sends an email sequence to the contact.


The email sequence is very important, and it will get the lead to know, like and trust the business owner, so they put an offer in front of the lead and make a sale.


Each segment will receive a personalized email that will communicate to them in their language.


Voice Mail

Few hours later, a voice message is sent to the lead (automatically by an automation), we want to make sure the client gets a personalized message welcoming them to the business and offering them a way to get in touch.



If we want the lead to take action, we follow them up via SMS. Let's say, they missed out on an important email that was sent, Active Campaign will trigger an automation to send the contact a SMS to ger them to comply with the request.


The SMS is super helpful and can be used in a lot of different ways like follow ups, education (by showing them links to blogs, funnels etc).


We even use SMS as a way to get them to confirm the meetings that they booked. If they don't reply, the meeting is cancelled and a new SMS is sent asking them to reschedule the meeting.



Sometimes we mix things up and do things in a different way. By leveraging the information we have inside of the CRM, we curate quick videos that are sent to the leads via mobile MMS, similar to SMS.


It's atypical for businesses to do this and the clients love it. This is super useful when mixed up with user-created content like a product or service review or a testimonial.


This is also used as a way to educate the leads and follow up with them in a fun and entertaining way.


Custom Audience - Facebook

Different people react differently to images, videos, emails, text and so on. If we send leads emails and they are not opening them, we add them to a custom audience on Facebook, so we can put an ad in front of them reminding them to open their email or perhaps showing them an offer they can't resist.



Sometimes, the lead prefers to talk to a human, so we give them plenty of opportunities along their journey to request a callback.


The good thing is, when they do call, most of the time they already know, trust and like the brand and it's just a matter of clearing their doubts before making the sale.




As you can see automation is a fantastic way to make sure you increase your profits, save yourself time and keep your leads happy, on track by getting them the personalized treatment they deserve. It provides intrinsic value to the business and added value to everyone involved in the process.


Have you got any questions?