How to Keep Your Email List Highly Engaged

| October 12


Engagement really is the key for-profits when it comes to email marketing.


So here’s a list of what you can do to keep contacts engaged, so they can be nurtured and purchase your products/services.


Send relevant content to engaged subscribers


Once you have the leads attention, make sure you share with them things that are interesting to them.


Yes, they need to know who you are, like you and most importantly trust you, but if you only talk about yourself, you won’t make many sales.


Anything from a free course to a PDF that will provide them with action steps that they can use now to solve their problem will get you closer to them buying from you.


From there, have a nice flow with stories in a structure where you describe how it would be to go from zero to hero. Get them picturing in their heads how this would feel.


Get them excited before sending them to the sales page with your offer.


For my clients, we even add an email handling all the objections BEFORE sending them to the sales page. This is huge as the leads arrive there with most of their questions answered.


Set subscribers’ expectations from the beginning


Don’t just spam your audience. Instead, let them know what is coming.


By setting the stage in terms of how many emails they should expect, in addition to what sort of content you will be writing them about, will get them to look forward to your next emails.


Keep your lists clean


Remove any contacts that present bounced emails. Usually, those will be either contact that didn’t type the email correctly, fake emails or legit emails that have a full inbox.


Contacts that haven’t engaged for more than 120 days should also be removed.


Anyone that unsubscribe should not be removed, instead, just make sure you don’t send them any more emails. The reason why you want to keep the unsubscribed contacts is that you can still use their email address for a lookalike audience and you can also have a full history of their behaviour in case they decide to sign up to your list again in the future.


As your lists age, weed out non-engaged subscribers


It’s quite interesting, but in the email deliverability world, if you keep sending emails to inactive contacts, in other words, contacts that are not opening your emails, with time, you will have your domain reputation damaged and your emails won’t be delivered to the inbox.


To ensure your emails are delivered and not blocked or in the promotional tabs or spam folders, make sure you remove the contacts that aren’t engaging.


Email Marketing engagement can be any of the following below:

  • Email is open
  • A link is clicked inside of the email
  • Purchase of a product or service
  • Visits to funnel or website


Segment contacts and use personalised messages to reach each one of the segments.


A good example here is to use engagement tracking to see who’s engaging. You can automate the process and have dynamic tags added to the contacts.


From there, you can do the following:


  1. Continue to send emails to the contacts that are engaging.
  2. Create a re-engagement campaign for the contacts that are not engaging. You might need to use different channels here to make this happen. We Use SMS, FB Custom Audience, Ringless Voice Mail and emails.


Another hack that my clients love, is the ability to provide the contacts that want to unsubscribe with choices. Once someone wants to unsubscribe, they have the choice to subscribe only to News, Offers or Educational content, for example.