Is your Email Open Rate below 20%

| March 24


I created this quick checklist to help you diagnose your low open rate (email deliverability):


Are you/have you:

  • monitoring the engagement of your contacts?
  • monitoring domain/ip reputation?
  • warmed up the domain?
  • cleaned up the list (remove inactive contacts and bounced emails)?
  • set up SPF/DMARC/DKIM correctly?
  • using a third-party platform to verify the emails before they enter your list?
  • optimised email content and subject?
  • providing engaging content to your subscribers?
  • checked if the domain is blacklisted?
  • using best practices to avoid emails from getting flagged as spam?
  • using spam checker prior to sending emails?


If you can’t answer all the questions above, you have some work to do.


If you have tried all the above and your email deliverability is still low, you either misconfigured something important OR the issue could be with your list.


If you purchased a list, you should expect low engagement from the contacts, as they don't know who you are.


Ask away if you have any questions!