NEW Advanced ActiveCampaign Feature Released TODAY... and yes, it's a GAME CHANGER

| March 31


ActiveCampaign has disclosed today in a product release a NEW feature that will really revolutionalize how we store and manage contact’s data within the platform.


It’s called Custom Object


In their own words:


What: Customers can now create their own custom object templates in ActiveCampaign without needing to understand our open APIs or hire developers There’s a new section in the “Settings” section of the platform called “Manage Data". Here, customers (admin users) can create a custom object template related to Contacts.


Why: Previously, customers needed to be technical or hire developers to be able to create their own custom objects. Now customers can create their own custom object as easily as they can add custom fields to our standard objects (Contacts, Accounts, or Deals). By unlocking the path to create custom objects in ActiveCampaign, we’re allowing customers to bring their data into ActiveCampaign and use our growing suite of features related to custom objects.

With custom objects, ActiveCampaign lets you integrate, unify, and manage customer data from any integrated solution.


You may ask, why is this a big deal, I will tell you!


This really is the NEXT big thing in terms of customer experience, since you can now not only create objects but use them as segmented data to improve the customer experience even further. You can really refine the data and instead of using a ton of custom fields, have this data stored in segmented contents that will synchronize automatically with other platforms.


The solution will enable business owners to automate the process of data collection and management, specifically in terms of data visibility, flexibility, and actionable insights across the business' entire tech funnel.


You'll be able to gather valuable data from various databases and integrate them into the automated marketing process. Therefore, you can create automated strategies from unique data that fits your business goals.


While most CRM tools ignore small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often due to cost and complexity, the new ActiveCampaign custom object integration will allow businesses of any size to utilise the new feature that makes it easy and affordable to create automated, dynamic, and interactive email campaigns, giving customers a new way to engage their subscribers with affordability and functionality.


And since 70% of ActiveCampaign users utilised over 870+ integrations, providing a wider range of data possibilities. Every customer has different data types that are essential to them depending on their type of industry, company size, selling model, and more. Additionally, ActiveCampaign offers 600+ automation recipes to help users take all data from interactions with a brand and build truly personal communications that go beyond sales or marketing touchpoints.


Consequently, custom objects in ActiveCampaign will make it possible to bring out customer's experience to a whole new level with new functionalities like:

  • trigger automation from updates and changes to salesforce opportunities
  • users can automatically sync prospect information
  • trigger automation to send out event information, follow-up, post-event promotions, and more

Furthermore, partners and developers can create new integrations via API in any App Studio with custom objects. Also, an Enterprise plan account holder is given full developer access to create their custom object solutions too!