No More Adding Contacts to an Automation Twice!



With this simple technique, you can avoid adding a contact to an automation twice.


You have to remember that when a contact enters an automation, they will move until the end of it.


However, if your automation trigger is set to “RUN ONCE” but it still has multiple triggers, this might result in your contacts entering your automation multiple times at different intervals.


For example, suppose contact A has completed automation but was added again through a different trigger. In that case, contact A will proceed through the steps but will also receive an automation email for the second time.


To avoid this issue from happening; here’s what you should do:


  • Add an “If/Else” statement under your trigger that checks for a tag (i.e., tag is “been in X automation”)

  • If “Yes,” you can end the automation

  • If “No,” add an “add tag” step where you tag contacts with “been in X automation,” followed by the rest of your automation steps


Let me know how you go!