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"Flipping Success: Maximizing Engagement and Revenue with Ridge Pointre "



Founded by Chris, who was a real estate investor. Ridge Pointre is an online course created to help beginning entrepreneurs start and grow their house flipping business with an estimated revenue of more or less $2M


The results


With Sales Studios’ help, Chris’ masterclass open rate is averaging at 57.1% and the show rate grows well.


The process


-Strategy Map

-Welcome Sequence to prospects

-Welcome Emails to newly signed up clients

-Set Up  Images that converts (Picsnippet) 

-Missed Webinar Sequence

-Did not attend Email Sequence

-Attended but did not buy Sequence

-Customer Survey and Complaint Sequence

-Fix Zap errors and bugs


Engage Your Prospects And Build An Army Of Loyal Customers

Automate your systems, engage your prospects and create a constant flood of sales