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"Elevating Growth: Painting Success with Email Marketing"




SK Group Oz is well-known for providing painting services to residential, commercial and new construction painting services that are available across Sydney and the broader NSW region. With their experienced, skilled team of professional painters, they take their clients on a journey where they always feel confident that their homes, commercial spaces and building projects are in excellent hands.


The results:


Sales Studios helped the company to step up the business by utilizing email marketing and also exceeding expectations by adding calls integration to the company. Luis was also able to tap the previous clients that also improved the sales of the company by using re-engagement strategies. We have helped the business step up through automating their email marketing which made them continuously generate a good number of quality leads, hence, increase their revenue in the process.


The process


-Strategy Map for both businesses: SK and BK

-Roofing form info automation

-Monday Integration

-QR code Implementation

-Mailchimp Migration

-Admin notification call - call the client (9th day)

-30 Days After Care Package

-Follow Up Campaigns

-Pre-release Email Sequence for BK

-Google Review Email Sequence

-Pop Up on Exiting the Page Email Sequence

-Newsletter Implementation

-Automation of receiving the login credentials, tax receipt and thank you emails after purchase


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