The Power of Email Segmentation: How to Target Your Campaigns for Maximum Impact

| Jan 3


Email marketing isn’t profitable without engagement.

It’s also true that email marketing can’t survive in this day and age without leveraging automations.


So, how do you automate with the aim of sparking engagement and getting your leads to feel comfortable getting your emails, so they can learn more about what you do, like what you have to offer to them and trust that you will continue providing them with value after they make a purchase?


Imagine if you could send emails at a large scale without compromising the quality of each email, making it incredibly personalised and valuable for each one of your leads and customers within your list.


You can achieve this with segmentation and personalisation.

The strategy is simple, segment the list into smaller chunks by leveraging lists or tags and then personalise the message to each one of the segments.

For example, instead of sending an email to the entire list about a new offer, instead, your could:

  • Segment the contacts that are engaging with your emails (opening your emails, clicking on links and going to your website)
  • Segment the contacts that have joined your list in the past 30 days, as they might be warm and still learning about you and your business
  • Segment the contacts that have purchased from you in the past AND haven’t purchased this offer

This is how you can automate the process:

Each time you have a contact meeting one of your segmentation criteria, you add them to a list or simply give them a tag.

Use zapier or automations to set goals to add the contacts to the appropriate segments.


Different businesses will segment their list into many different segments, the following are the most popular ones:


  • Purchases: Purchases made along with the name of the service or product
  • Location: Where are those contacts located
  • Behaviour: Has the contact watched a VSL, opened an email or visited a funnel?
  • Interest: What is the contact interested in?


Once the segments are in place, automated email sequences can be created.

Use the tags as a trigger to send the contacts into the email sequences.




New tag: “100% of VSL watched” > Enter Email Sequence “VSL Watched”

The Email Sequence should acknowledge that the lead watched the entire VSL and take them to the next steps in the sales pipeline, so they continue to get nurtured until they purchase the offer.



  • Create a naming convention
  • Create a document to keep track of all the segments
  • Lead scoring for hot leads segmentation
  • Don’t forget to have follow up sequences in place with a personalised message
  • Add goals to remove the leads from the automation once they meet a goal


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