Too many leads?



Too many leads? Automate your lead management!


Converting leads into customers is a process that needs constant optimization.


Every business is different and audiences will react better (or worst) to alternate methods.


Start here - Welcoming Your Leads


Start with a Powerful Welcome Email Sequence, that will help the leads to be in the right mindset BEFORE they get on the phone with your team or land on your sales page.


The Welcome Email Sequence will bridge the gap between the initial opt-in and the sales page.  

You can leverage videos and blogs for them to consume and learn more about your business. Education really is key.


The idea is to get them to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST the business before asking them to commit and move forward.


They didn't make a purchase? It's ok!

You can add follow-ups: automated ringless voicemail, automated emails, automated custom FB audience.


Maybe the lead wasn't too interested and they didn't purchase during the automated follow-up. Fear nothing!


For the leads that didn't convert after the automated follow-ups, you can continue to send them weekly newsletters and send them a follow-up sequence (combo of emails, SMS, ringless voicemail and FB custom audience) with an offer once a month.


The leads that interact (click on links etc - engagement automation - last engagement date), can receive a call from your sales team to follow up interest and hopefully close them on the spot.


The ones that don't interact, can continue to receive newsletters and then send them an offer, once a month.


Unsubscribe any contacts that aren't engaging after 90 days.


Once they purchase


Send an automated email congratulating them.


Setup an automated follow up to collect feedback on the purchase and the customer's journey so you can continue to improve your strategy.


Also, don't forget to automate referrals and testimonials.  


Lead management is very important and needs to be done right in order to improve your marketing efforts and bring you ROI.


Every mismanaged lead will cost your business money and TIME in the long run.


Any questions? Have you automated your lead management and client acquisition?