These 3 Steps to Improve ROI



Understanding These 3 Steps... Will Simplify Your Email Marketing and Increase Your ROI


It can be overwhelming to manage email marketing for you and your clients.


"A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed." Ramsay Leimenstoll


To make it simple, use those 3 steps:


Step 1 - Welcome Your Subscribers


Create an email sequence with 5-7 emails to Welcome Your Subscribers.


The email sequence will be used as a tool to bridge the gap between the Opt-in funnel and the sales funnel.


Some of the Objectives:

○ Build audience engagement (Like)

○ Connect with the Audience (Trust)

○ Get the audience excited to receive the next email (engagement)

○ Provide Support for questions they may have (connection)

○ Encourage the audience to spread the word (sharing)

○ Share the benefits of working with you

○ Trigger emotions and explore pain points

○ Create urgency and scarcity (FOMO)

○ Present a Strong CTA to get the audience to take immediate action and purchase the offer

○ Handle objections and much more!


Step 2 - Nurture Your Subscribers


Keep in contact with them. Send them valuable information and resources. This will be a newsletter.


It can be a blog you wrote and you want to share, a podcast with information your audience will appreciate, but ideally, it will be a story they can follow.


Send it to them at least once a month or as often as once a week.


Step 3 - Leverage Your List


The best part of having a list, is the ability to chat to your customers directly, for free.


If you have done steps 1 and 2 correctly, this step will be fun and rewarding!


So by now, they know who you are, they like and trust you. You sent them newsletters so they remember who you are.


Now is the time to send them an offer, ask for a referral, run contests and challenges and even have surveys so you can better understand your audience.


Still have questions? Ask away!