Use Email To Identify Your Cheerleaders



Use Email To Identify Your Cheerleaders and revive the leads that aren't engaging!


Who is opening and reading your emails?

Who is engaging with your emails and interacting with you?

Who has bought from you repeatedly?

These people are your cheerleaders.


If you nurture them well, they are highly likely to become your brand advocates.


Brand advocates spread the word about you and your brand. They tag you in Facebook groups. They tell their friends about you, refer clients your way, and spread your message. They help you grow your brand and in turn your business.


There are a lot of ways you can track that on ActiveCampaign.


Today I will provide you with two ideas:




When you create your automations, be sure to tag your leads. The more information you have about them, the better you will be able to nurture them and send them personalized emails.





Out of the box, when you create a new automation, you can choose from 250+ recipes.


Choose Engagement Automation Part 1 then create one for Part 2 and you will be able to see who's engaging via a tag.


I shared another post with a modified version of this where you could also see the date of last engagement.




ActiveCampaing lets your use lead scoring as a powerful tool that empowers marketers to apply a points system for contact action, or inaction, based on what's important to an organization.


For example, if a contact purchases a product, they get 10 points, if they unsubscribe from a list, they lose 50 points and so on.


You can use this point system to reward the good leads and revive the leads with a low score.

Any questions? 🙂