User-Generated Content (For Emails)



Customers Are The Most Valuable and Powerful Creators


More than 60% of marketers struggle to create content daily. They lack ideas, It's time-consuming and expensive to outsource the work.


However, by using user-generated content, you can rely on abundant content.


According to a report from Olapic, consumers trust images from other consumers 7X more than they trust advertising content.


It's quite insane when you stop to think about how active people are on social media. There are 3.2 Billion images shared on social media daily!


  • UGC is impactful because it is trusted. People trust other people more than brands.


  • People usually tell stories, making it memorable to share around.


  • It's easy to influence others and it is scalable!


So, what's the best way to do it?


#1 Inspire Your Customers Through Newsletters


Share photos from your customers that have great visuals of them using your products or services to inspire and influence others.


#2 Increased ROI on Abandoned Shopping Cart


Increase your sales by sharing photos, videos or reviews of other customers that purchased that same product.


#3 Celebrate The Community


Incentivise your customers to share their experience, photos and videos on social media. Run giveaways and other promotions to reward them.


How have you been using UGC?