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Driving Success: How We Love Dallas Homes Leveraged Email Marketing to Boost Sales and Generate Leads




We Love Dallas Homes is a business company providing clients fast cash due to financial hardship, divorce, inheritance, or a distressed home. They make sure their clients have cash in their pocket in no time with a generous timeline between 3-60 days.


The results

Sales studios helped the business set up a spectacular email campaign for their business by making sure that details were accurate. As a result, they could generate a huge amount of leads and increase their sales too in the process.



The process


  • Strategy Map
  • Re-engagement Sequence
  • Welcome Email Sequence
  • Objection Handling Sequence
  • Consultation via Calendly(Book a call)
  • Proposals Email Sequence
  • Survey and Referrals
  • Follow-up Sequence
  • Educational Email Sequence
  • Newsletter
  • Landing Page integration to ActiveCampaign
  • Engagement Tracking

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