You need more than just Email Marketing!



Everything is changing quite fast and you must adjust and shape your marketing efforts to remain updated and competitive.


It's long gone the days you could only send emails and have customers buying your services and products.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it doesn't work anymore, far from that. It's still super powerful and still brings one of the highest ROIs among the other marketing tools around us.


The thing is, Email Marketing on its own is no longer as powerful as it was 10 years ago.


There is a lot of noise. Every single business under the sun, including apps and products you buy, send you emails on a daily basis.


To really have your emails popping up on your customer's email box, you need to make sure your message is polished and super personal.


But, back to the point... if you are not reaching out to your customers through multiple touchpoints, really following up those leads in a combination of all the examples below, you should revisit your marketing efforts:


  • Automated Ringless Voicemail
  • Automated SMS
  • Automated MMS (Video Message)
  • Automated Facebook Custom Audiences and retargeting
  • Automated Contact Tracking
  • Automated Email Sequences


Most of the small business owners are "winging" their way through marketing.


When you are starting it's fine to do it, you don't have much money to invest and so on, but comes a time that you want to get serious about it and invest on marketing solutions that will point out WHAT is working and what needs to be improved.


For my clients, ActiveCampaign is the answer for this puzzle, because they can integrate everything back to a single location, where they can manage all their leads and run reports and make sure the leads are getting what they need in order to move forward through each pipeline.


We are talking about a powerful CRM combined with automation and multiple touch-points to each and every one of the leads, without mismanagement of leads, increasing conversions and improving the processes, opening the opportunities to receive more leads while having automations doing most of the work, like a well-oiled machine!


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” - Benjamin Franklin


What's your strategy to manage your leads while hitting them up with different touch-points?